This comprehensive site has been created to provide you with easy to understand information about our products, policies, and guarantees to help you make informed choices about which products to purchase, how to use them, and what information you are expected to provide us with.

Our Policies Page details how we treat each issue regarding, customer service, shipping, privacy, warranties, returns, disputes, liability, safety, and all other products and services while shopping at Sawcutting Specialties.


We are pleased with the trust you place in us and our responsibility toward privacy protection. Under no circumstances will Sawcutting Specialties, Inc. sell or share any private or confidential information with any source what so ever. Nor will we save your private and confidential information unless you specifically request us to do so for convenience in order to expedite future transactions.

For information and advice on how to help your business stay protected online, feel free to contact us at 1-888-795-0777.


Upon receipt of your order we will review and evaluate this request to understand the basis of the order. We will immediately send you a confirmation e-mail to let you know your order has been received and processing has begun. Any questions or irregularities will then be addressed and resolved by e-mail or by telephone to insure that we agree on the items you have requested and that you are satisfied with your order.

We will then prepare your order for shipment. Once prepared we will double check for shipping address accuracy. Upon confidence that the order and “ship to” address is satisfactory we will process your payment.


Cancellations can be made at any time up to the point of payment processing. Once payment has been processed, cancellations are not permitted because the Shipping Label has been paid and printed, and consequently is not reversible. You may receive refunds on the products per our return policy, however the shipping fee will be deducted from the refund.


All items sold at Sawcutting Specialties are warranted either by the manufacturer or by us. Not all items are warranted by a manufacturer. Generic and import diamond products generally have no warranty other than our 15 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. All major US and Worldwide Manufacturers do offer comprehensive warranties depending on the type of tool purchased. You will receive the warranty with the piece purchased or you can view it at the Manufacturer’s website. Gas and electric saws may also refer you to the engine or motor manufacturer for motor issues and the term of coverage can vary by machine as well. Regardless, any product you purchase from us will be unconditionally warranted per the limits of the piece. You will find that our warranty on tools and equipment is equal to or exceeds any warranty for the same product offered by anyone else. That is a GUARANTEE.

Where specified, warranties will be assumed first by the manufacturer as written. Where not specified, all merchandise will carry a fifteen- (15) day satisfaction guarantee/warranty offered by us, Sawcutting Specialties. After fifteen- (15) days from the date of delivery, no claims or grievances shall be recognized other than applicable Manufacturer Warranties. We reserve the right to refuse any sale at our discretion.



15 Day Satisfaction Guarantee- It is simply this: If you diligently try to understand your shopping cart choices and order the product best suited for your application and budget, we in turn will accept it back for exchange or refund if it turns out wrong, with the following conditions and exceptions:

A- Warranty- All items are warranted. When warranted by the manufacturer, that warranty takes precedence and the limits and instructions should be followed as outlined by the manufacturer. When not warranted by a Manufacturer, we offer you our personal guarantee on all products for 15 days. It is not necessarily a warranty, but our guarantee that you as the customer deserve the product you paid for to be functional and correct. You deserve additional support from us and this is our way to show you that we are on the same team.

B- Defective Items- With diamond products, defective items are defined as a product that does not work properly, out of the box, such as a bad thread, a broken tooth, or wobble on the initial spin, etc. A product that initially functions out of the box and develops a wobble or loses a tooth after a dozen minutes is not necessarily caused from manufacturing defects. It must be evaluated to determine if it is a factory defect or user caused, perhaps by a bad bearing, too much pressure, lack of coolant, dropping on the ground, cutting into heavy steel, re-bar or materials not intended to be used on, or applied out of the realms of it’s usage description, etc.

C- Quality Grade Choices- Because we offer so many choices and quality grades, our satisfaction guarantee only applies to a product’s price range. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THAT THE LOWER PRICED CHOICE WILL EQUAL A HIGHER GRADE IN PERFORMANCE, QUALITY, SPEED, LIFE or SATISFACTION. We pass that burden on to you because you are the one who opted to try the lower priced product for financial savings. We do guarantee this product only to be equal to other products within that same grade and price category. However, Economy grade tools are 100% warranted from manufacturer defects and faulty workmanship.

D- Returns- The item returned must be in the same new, and boxed or packaged, un-opened condition to receive a complete refund or credit. Any other case such as an opened or partially used product, a dis-satisfaction issue, a freight damaged or defective product return, etc. will be dealt with on an individual basis, and based on the condition of the product, the reason and explanation for return, and our evaluation upon receipt, a mutual settlement will be awarded. If the product is new but the package or container has been opened or destroyed, return it complete with the remaining portion of the package, box or container and we can most likely re-stock it for complete credit. Just remember how you might react or what you would expect if you received a re-sealed product that was obviously returned from another customer. Return it the best you can, we understand.

D-1- Non Returnable Items- There are a few products that cannot be returned or exchanged, such as, but not limited to: Many abrasives including Type 6 Stones. Carborundum blades, etc. Personal sanitary items such as opened Face masks, respirators and ear plugs. Opened containers such as liquids, sealers, epoxies and resins. Any item with a broken safety seal. This does not apply to damaged or defective products.

E- Freight Damaged Goods- Products damaged during transit must be dealt with immediately. Please understand that we must receive notice of damage within 24 hours, or the following Monday if received on a Friday or Saturday. Also Notify the driver upon receipt when the damage may be visually obvious. You may even elect to refuse receipt of the package if you feel the structural integrity of the product is impacted. Call us at 1-888-795-0777 or e-mail to, and report any damage immediately within that 24 hour time frame so we may proceed with our courier’s damaged goods requirements as well.

F- Refunds- Refunds will not include shipping charges such as the original shipping charge to you. However, if we feel it to be our fault that the product was shipped incorrectly or that the product was damaged or defective, we will replace the product and cover the original shipping charge, or re-ship free. We are sorry, but no return shipping fees back to us will be refunded or reimbursed either. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE any refund, replacement, or free shipping what-so-ever because it is all based on the results of each individual situation and our final evaluation.

G- Returns Exceeding 15 Days- You must contact us and receive confirmation by the fifteenth day for a return to be authorized and accepted in accordance to our return policy. Any product authorized for return after 15 days will be subject to a 20% Re-stocking fee. It will also be evaluated upon receipt and handled on an individual basis depending on the make of the product, the condition and any other pertaining issues. No freight will be credited or refunded. Upon our evaluation we will replace, refund or credit only the portion of the product’s value that we feel best suites the issue, and there is no guarantee that the product will be accepted for credit, exchange, refund or return.

G-1- Exceptions- There may be extended exceptions to the 15 Day Rule. If a product is NEW and UN-USED and if there is a reasonable explanation, and we believe the recipient did not have adequate time to open, use it or evaluate the product, if a product was shipped to a job site in advance, and not used within the allotted time frame, or if an abundance of tools were purchased to ensure a productive or speedy project finish, and the initial ones performed well enough that there was a surplus, etc., we will cheerfully accept these goods back for credit, exchange or refund without the re-stock fee. There may also be other exceptions. If you work with us, we will work with you. We appreciate you as a customer and want you to view us as a quality resource for specialty products.

H- Return Authorization- Any return must have an assigned “RETURNED GOODS AUTHORIZATION” number provided by us and visually WRITTEN ON THE BOX to be returned. Simply call 1-888-795-0777 or e-mail us at, and explain the issue. We can most likely authorize, estimate and discuss the warranty and value of your return prior to your going through the effort. After our discussion or receipt of e-mail, we will assign an “RGA” number with a shipping address and/or any shipping label or call tag only when applicable.

I- BACK ORDERS- It is possible that we may be out of stock on all or a portion of your order. We will ship what we have the next shipping day and back order the remaining products. You will be notified so you can expect a delay or you may cancel these items. Your card will be billed for the initial shipment only, and again when your back ordered product is available and ready for shipment. You will not pay in advance.


During the fifteen- (15) day warranty/guarantee period, any disputes, grievances, claims, differences, shortages, price corrections or adjustments will be recognized and mutually adjusted. However, any claim must be filed and documented within that same fifteen (15) days, by telephone, in person, or by e-mail to be considered, adjusted or warranted. Otherwise the purchase as originally written shall be the legal document and final exhibit. You the customer, agree to honor the invoice as written, and lose all further rights toward claim or grievance adjustments.

Purchaser shall pay for all related costs including shipping fees to and from, re-stock fees and any other tangible expenses if an order is cancelled after it has already been shipped. We reserve the right to refuse any sale at our discretion.

I know this all sounds like Jonny Cocheran wrote this, but lets face it, there has to be a reasonable time frame to where problems get resolved. Things happen and if they do, lets communicate and lets get it worked out while it is fresh in our minds. We make mistakes and we stand behind our reputation to correct our mistakes, and most importantly we want you to come back and shop again. If we burden you with needless costs, we want to compensate you for those costs, and we would only expect the same from you in return. We will work it out.


We are not a manufacturer and we assume no responsibility or liability for any damage or injury to any person, pet, structure, object, public or personal property, etc. that may have been created by a product purchased from us.

It is up to the user to study and understand the safe operations of any product prior to it’s use, and only after the users understanding, these products are to be used at the users own risk. This includes their understanding of all relative and applicable ANSI and OSHA regulations and safety guidelines, and this information when pertaining to our products is either furnished by us or our manufacturer with the product when shipped, or available from us upon request, or directly through OSHA or ANSI. We highly recommend that the information and user guidelines be acquired by ANSI and OSHA so there is no confusion as to the safe operation requirements of any product. For these and other reasons, we reserve the right to refuse any sale.



All cutting and grinding products emit debris, chips, sparks and dust or slurry.

Never cut or grind without an approved safety guard in place.

Always wear PPE- Safety glasses/goggles, hearing protection, a dust mask or an approved air cleaning process (See OSHA Final Rule 2018). Wear gloves and work in an area that does not expose other people, pets, etc. to these hazards. Cover your body and arms with a shirt or apron. Wear boots to protect your feet from any kick back or flying debris. Always expect the worst and hope for the best.

Do not emit sparks, debris, dust, slurry, etc. towards any material that can be damaged by dust or water, or subject to fire hazard.

Slurry and cutting dust contain silica and can be a cause of silicosis (lung fibrosis caused by the inhalation of dust containing silica) and other respiratory illness. Always protect your lungs. See OSHA Final Rule 2018.

Slurry water and dust emitted will be the same color as the material being cut and could harm, stain, or embed into existing surfaces and structures that is not of the same consistency or color, and once dried or settled may be very difficult or impossible to remove. You should make the determination to remedy this issue prior to use and protect existing structures and surfaces accordingly. You will be glad you did.

Mixing water with electricity is dangerous, always use a GFCI breaker when cutting with an electric tool and using water. Use common sense, keep the cords out of puddles. Wear rubber boots and keep feet dry. Refer to your safety program with all electric tools.

If you are uncertain of what you are doing, get the answer you need prior to starting your project. Remember you are obligated to meet all pertaining OSHA and ANSI specifications, and comply with your written Safety Program, while using these and all other tools. You may call us for direction, perhaps we can help, perhaps we can’t, but we are happy to try.

Always inspect your diamond tool prior to use each and every time you use it. Check for wear, cracks in the blade core, or any other physical damage. Do not use the product if you find a problem. Cease usage if a wobble, vibration, or an unusual noise develops.

We are here to help, call anytime you have a question or if you desire further information. We can help you acquire MSDS and Product Data sheets upon request. We cannot guarantee we will know the answer to everything but we will certainly do our best to help.


All cutting and grinding discs spin at high R.P.M. All wheels, blades, discs and bits have been pre-spun at the factory to assure balance and accuracy free from vibration, wobbles and defects.

It is important that you use a machine that is capable of maintaining this same accuracy. Do not use machines with old or loose bearings, screw nuts or belts.

When using a grinder or polisher, always use the bottom or inner flange that came with the tool. This is the only guaranteed method to assure accuracy with these tools. The diamond tool you received from us will not perform to specifications unless this specification is met, nor will the tool be warranted because if used initially out of balance or round, the tool will be damaged by it’s incorrect usage, not by factory defect, and hence cannot be warranted.

A diamond tool is not balanced until seated and torqued down on to a perpendicular base. This can only be achieved with the use of the factory engineered inner flange or a few various precision washers and spacers. Unless you have documentation that a washer is precise, you are only guessing. That is why we recommend the Manufacturer’s inner flange only.

If you are experiencing Shipping Issues, Please call us at 208-381-0328