ALPHA Twincur Resin Final Buff


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ALPHA Twincur Resin Final Buff

Straight and Beveled Edge Polishing 

Alpha® Twincur Final Polish is unique among the final polish series of products within the Alpha Professional Tools® product line. It is the only final polish to offer a choice of three different types. Every other product line utilizes two final polishing discs or wheels, a black for dark colored stones and a white for light colored stones. Water volume on automatic edge polishing machines can be difficult to control for the black or white final polish discs. If too much water is used, the discs do not polish properly and if not enough water is used the discs overheat. Alpha Professional Tools® produced a third final polish disc for the Twincur product line that is capable of performing with a significantly higher volume of water than the black or white final polish. The fabricator now has a choice. They can choose to polish with the traditional method of Black or White Final Polish and use a little water or they can use the Green Final Polish with the normal water flow. Either way, fabricators will love the super glossy finish they can achieve with these discs. Composed of tin oxide and natural fibers in a heat compressed form attached to a SFAT snail lock adapter, the Alpha® Twincur Final Polish is long lasting and provides quick results. If you own or plan on owning an automatic edge polishing machine, Alpha® Twincur Final Polish is a sure bet to provide the best finish.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in
Option Choice

Final White, Final Green, Final Black


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