APEXX V Series Full Bullnose


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APEXX V Series Full Bullnose Wet Router Bit

With 7/8″ Recess and Includes 10mm and 8mm Bolts. You may find more expensive bits but you will not find finer.

Available in Position 0, Position 1 Groover, Position 1, Position 2, and Double Breaker Bit.

Position 1 Groover and Position 1 Sintered is optional per your preferencal choice. The Groover is a little faster and the Sintered lasts a little longer.

The Universal Double Breaker bit fits the 2cm, 3cm and 4cm shapes by removing or inserting bearings and spacers which are included with bit. The 6mm Double Breaker is for use on 6mm material only.

The Double breaker bit is a terrific and practically necessary addition to this semi 45 Degree profile for speed and bit longevity, use first to save shape on Position 1 Bit.

Designed to operate on all routers up to 10,000 RPM. Optimal V bit speed 7,000 for V-20,  6,500 for V-30, 6,000 RPM for V-40 and 5,000 RPM for V-60.

Includes 36mm bearing.



Additional information

Weight 0.10 lbs
Dimensions 0.10 × 0.10 × 0.10 in

6cm Double Breaker Bit, 2/3/4cm Double Breaker bit, V-60 Pos 2, V-60 Pos 1, V-60 Pos 0 Segment, V-40 Pos 2, V-40 Pos 1, V-40 Pos 1 Groover, V-40 Pos 0 Segment, V-30 Pos 2, V-30 Pos 1, V-30 Pos 1 Groover, V-30 Pos 0 Segment, V-20 Pos 2, V-20 Pos 1

Bearing Option

Purchase Extra 37mm Bearing, Purchase Extra 36mm Bearing, No Extra Bearing Required


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