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DUSTLESS BitBuddie Bit Shroud

BitBuddie Dust And Slurry Control System For Core Drills And Hammer Drills.

The BitBuddie dust and slurry control system is for use with drills, hammer drills and core drills. Fast and easy to use, the BitBuddie dust and slurry control system is held in place by vacuum pressure. No clamps or braces are required. Simple turn on the wet dry vacuum and put the BitBuddie where you want it, and you’re ready to drill. The 1-3/8 inch size is great for drilling faucet holes in stone counter tops or any other place where space is tight. It allows you to drill close to a wall or other obstacle and capture the dust or slurry as it’s made. The 4 inch BitBuddie is for use with larger core drills and does an excellent job of capturing dust and slurry to keep the job place clean and protect workers from dangerous airborne dust like silicon and Hexavalent Chromium. The 4″ BitBuddie is excellent for use with a drywall saw for dustless drywall sawing.

The BitBuddie is designed to be used with the Dustless Technologies Wet/Dry Vacuum. A system that is specifically designed handle the dust and slurry created in construction sites. Check out our Wet Dry Vacuum video and see why it is the last vacuum you’ll ever own.

The 4” BitBuddie works with any drill bit 4” or smaller – just trim to fit your bit. The included adapter hose will adapt to most standard wet dry vacuums. The BitBuddie captures nearly all dust and slurry generated while drilling. Using vacuum suction, the dust and debris are caught, giving you a truly dustless work environment. This saves you and your workers from breathing harmful silica dust while keeping the area dust free, saving time and money in cleanup. The BitBuddie uses vacuum suction to “stick” to whatever surface you are drilling. Slits around the bottom bring in the dust while maintaining a vacuum seal. The BitBuddie can be used on concrete, wood, drywall, metal, and nearly any other material on ceilings, walls, floors, and any other surface.

OSHA Silica Law Compliant

In September 2017, strict laws passed and enforced by OSHA go into effect limiting silica dust exposure. Penalties and fines can be severe. When used with a certified HEPA vacuum the BitBuddie is compliant with OSHA and EPA laws, keeping you and your workers safe from legal action and protecting you from harmful diseases caused by silica exposure.


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