Grabo Electric Vacuum Suction Cups


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Grabo Electric Vacuum Suction Cups can grab all manner of materials.

The Grabo Electric Vacuum’s list of workable materials makes it the perfect choice for dealing with windows, countertops, pavers, doors and panels. It is a game changer in the construction industry as it increases the safety of the workplace, as well as making the work more efficient.

Using the Nemo or Pro GRABO benefits any industry that requires the lifting and moving of large or heavy objects. Movers shifting wooden furniture, Pavers working with heavy stone, Tilers making tiling more efficient, to Glaziers fitting windows. If you have a need to move something heavy or awkward then you can benefit from the Nemo or Pro GRABO.

These are the materials the GRABO can work with:

  • Glass. The GRABO is perfect for a glazier.
  • Laminated cardboard.
  • Plastics of all types.
  • Wood, both rough and smooth.
  • Metals. The GRABO sees no challenge in picking up metal with diamond plate or other uneven patterned surfaces. It can also handle the smooth side of metal up-to 242Lbs.
  • Tiles, smooth and patterned/uneven surfaces.
  • Not all stone will work with this tool. Porous stone, stone with minute holes for water drainage or airflow, will not work with the GRABO. However, the GRABO works great with concrete, paving stones, granite and other less porous stones.
  • Dry Wall.



Additional information

Weight 0.00 lbs
Dimensions 0.00 × 0.00 × 0.00 in

Nemo, PRO


MODEL Nemo Grabo Grabo Pro-Lifter 20
Battery 14.8 VDC 2600mAh Li-ion 14.8 VDC 2600mAh Li-ion
Rated Power 16 w 16 w
Charger Input Voltage 100 – 240 VAC 50/60Hz 100 – 240 VAC 50/60Hz
Battery Charging Time 2 Hours 2 Hours
Non-Stop Running Time 90 Minutes 90 Minutes
Running Cycles: (ON – OFF Cycles of 10 Seconds On Full Charge) 900 900
Stand-by Mode: (Charge Hold relates to battery, not to the pump) 30 Days 30 Days
Pump Service Life (Charge Hold) 100000+ ON-OFF cycles / 800+ hrs continuous action
With Automatic OFF Switch No Yes
Rated Air Flow .7cfm ( 20L/min) .7cfm ( 20L/min)
Maximum Vacuum Rate 11.6Psi ( 0.8 Bar, 80 kPa ) 11.6Psi ( 0.8 Bar, 80 kPa )
Maximum Lifting Capacity 375Lbs 375Lbs
L x W x H 11.67 x 7.12 x 4.76” (297 x 181 x 121 mm) 11.77 x 7.22 x 4.76” (300 x 184 x 121 mm)
Net Weight (With Battery) 3.3 Lbs (1.6 kg) 3.2 Lbs (1.5 kg)
Working Temperature 32°F~140°F ( 0°~60 °C ) 32°F~140°F ( 0°~60 °C )
Gauge Type Mechanical With Protective Rubber Cover Smart Digital Pressure Sensor
Number Of Batteries 1 1
Charger Multi Socket Charger Multi Socket Charger
Number of Seals 1 in Total 1 in Total
Warranty 1 Year Basic Warranty as outlined on WWW.GRABO.COM
Miscellaneous Use for all surface types, without automatic stop function, without display and electronic pressure gauge Use for all surface types, with automatic stop function at 11.6Psi, with digital display and electronic pressure gauge








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