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HiperGuard TM is a penetrating guard that can be applied to a concrete surface at the end of the polishing process. It makes the concrete significantly more resistant to fats, oils and water, but still allows the concrete to breathe. It works by lining the capillaries on a concrete surface. This creates significantly more surface tension, which prevents various substances absorbing into the concrete.


  • It is not a surface/topical sealer and therefore cannot blister, wear off or discolor.
  • Enables the concrete to breathe.
  • Can enrich the color of the concrete.
  • 1 gallon will cover 1,000 square feet depending on the porosity of the concrete.
  • Shelf life is 3 years!


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1 GAL, 5 GAL


1. Apply Husqvarna HiperGuardTM to a clean/dry surface using a pump sprayer, spraying product onto the floor.
2. Apply a single coat using enough to completely wet the surface for 30 seconds without creating puddles or rundown.
3. Using a Micro-fi ber mop, mop the product uniformly around the floor.
4. Let HiperGuardTM completely dry (recommended 1 hours time will vary depending on extreme
temperatures). Once HiperGuardTM is completely dry, a film will cover the floor.
5. Next place a hogshair pad underneath a Husqvarna grinder or propane burnisher and burnish the excess film off the floor. A second coat of HiperGuardTM may be necessary.



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