ICS 695F4/633F4 Chains for 12 & 16″ Saws


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ICS 695F4 and 633F4 Gas Saws Diamond Chains

for 12″ and 16″

DOES NOT FIT 695GC and 633GC, you will find 695GC and 633GC products further up the list.

ICS suggests that you replace your bar after every 3 chains.

UPGRADE YOUR 633GC or 695GC saw here to FORCE4 Specificatons to utilize FORCE4 Technology- Simply purchase a Force4 Sprocket and Force4 Bar (It will fit your 633GC or 695GC saw), FORCE 4 Chains will then work on your GC Saw, including the 16″ POWER GRIT style. You will notice immediate differences such as the size of the chain and then you will understand why the GC model is becoming an endangered species.

Available in the following bonds-

ProFORCE G Chain- Stronger everyday use for multiple use applications such as soft materials and abrasive brick, CMU block, natural stone and medium and hard concrete with light to heavy reinforcement.

ProFORCE GL Chain- With longer life for hard and difficult to cut concrete and heavy reinforcement.

PowerGrit Chain- With vacuum brazed diamond segments, cut ductile iron pipe in the trench faster, easier and safer than other methods. Cut from a single position without  complete excavation longer life for hard and difficult to cut concrete and heavy reinforcement. Also cuts cast iron, pvc, ADPE and instituform pipe

Additional information

Weight 0.10 lbs
Dimensions 0.10 × 0.10 × 0.10 in
Chain Option

24-Pack 2 Stroke 1 Gal Oil Mix, 6-Pack 2 Stroke 1 Gal Oil Mix, Force4 Gas Saw Sprocket, 16 Power Grit Chain, 16 ProForce Abrasive Chain, 12 ProForce Abrasive Chain, 16 ProForce Premium L Chain, 16 ProForce Premium S Chain, 12 ProForce Premium L Chain, 12 ProForce Premium S Chain, 16 ProForce Chain, 12 ProForce Chain, 16 Guide Bar, 12 Guide Bar


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