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IMER COMBI 250/1500VA 10″ Wet Tile Saw

The Combicut 250/1500 VA Lite is designed for you to cut today’s porcelain plank tiles. Precision cast aluminum components combined with very careful assembly so the saw is accurate, light and extremely reliable. The 250/1500 VA Lite is designed for your jobs that are smaller in nature, and the materials being cut are not that thick. For thicker materials and larger scale commercial jobs we recommend that you upgrade to the Combicut 350/1200 i Power.  To ensure that the Combicut series would be both light and powerful IMER designed and developed an all new 1.75 h.p. motor so cuts are made quickly and quietly. Performance and reliability are GUARANTEED.  A laser guide comes standard with every Combi 250 series. Mark the line of your cut on the material and line it up with the laser and off you go!


COMBI 250/1500VA
Blade diameter: 10″
Blade shaft diameter: 5/8″
Max. cutting length: 57″ (60″)
Max. cutting depth: 3 ¾”
Motor rating: 1.75 h.p. 110v, 15 amp
Blade speed: 2.800 r.p.m.
Water pan capacity: 13 gal.
Water pump flow: 3 g.p.m.
Noise level: 78 db(A) so it’s real quiet!

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 77 × 26 × 27 in


 Blade diameter 10″
Blade shaft diameter 5/8″
Maximum cutting length ( with plunge) 57″ (60″)
Maximum cutting depth 3.75″
Motor power rating 1.75hp 110v 15amps
Blade speed 2800 rpm
Weight (very light for the size) 125lbs
Water pan capacity 13 gallons
Water pump flow rate 3 gallons per minute
Noise level 78 db(A)
Operating dimensions L 76″ / H 24″ / W 25″




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