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MULTIQUIP SP1G Slab Saver 10″ Green Concrete and Joint Saw

10″ Blade Capability, 6.5 HP Honda. Blade cuts in the center of the machine so there is no diversion in it’s forward momentum (Easy to Keep On The Line). Great saw for cutting initial saw joints in green concrete, or for cosmetic cuts including beveling, widening or even 2 3/4″ deep termination cuts in cured concrete or asphalt. Includes FREE 10″ Sidewinder Blade.

Multiquip’s SlabSaver concrete saws are the ultimate multi-purpose cutting machines: small enough to exceed the demands of a job requiring pinpoint accuracy yet powerful enough to slice through any number of materials.

The lightweight, compact and productive SlabSaver saw is the ultimate in performance cutting, no matter how difficult the job.

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Weight 225.00 lbs
Dimensions 36.00 × 36.00 × 42.00 in


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