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SAWMASTER M1036 Tile Saw

A versatile mobile wet tile saw. With its sturdy all metal frame and its convenient modular wheel system, this machine can handle anything the job site throws at it. Having an all-aluminum cutting table with a rubber injected mat makes supporting tiles up to 36 inches very easy and secure.

Powering the 10 inch blade is a reliable 2 horsepower universal motor, a motor that has proven itself capable of handling the most challenging materials. In addition the advance water filtration and spray system makes the saw a very attractive proposal to anyone looking for a very capable saw.

Multi-stage water filtration system uses partitioned reservoirs to separate sediment from the water prolonging pump life. Spring loaded cutting head with transverse shaft allowing for 22.5° and 45° cutting. All aluminum cutting table big enough to span about 6 square feet in surface area. The extension drip tray returns water spray and runoff produced during operation to the water tray to minimize the loss of water and to keep the work site clean. See it in action here


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Weight 149 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 36 × 27 in



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