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Lavina ELITE Series Propane Grinding/Polishing Machines

Concrete Polishing HQ is proud to introduce the newest generation of LAVINA machines! LAVINA GTX series. There are many new upgrades to the X series machines. The bases on most machines now feature a cover on the top for easy access to the planetary belt or chain depending on model. The lifting handle of the base on 25” and 30” machines has been upgraded for ease of operation. New attachment system for the tool holding plates allows for an easier and much faster access to the main belt. The main belt of 25”, and 30” machines has been now upgraded to a timing belt. The planetary motion of the 25” and 30” machines is now provided by a chain. The 25″, 30” machines now feature a metered water flow system, allowing for more efficient work during grinding and polishing. Increased horsepower by adding a FX600 19 hp engine. Vertically mounted muffler Upgraded Fuel Systems

L20GE Elite

Concrete Polishing HQ is proud to introduce the newest member of the LAVINA ELITE Series. The grinding head of LAVINA 20GE has been completely redesigned with a low-friction chain gear planetary drive. Combined with the highest engine power output in the industry results in the most reliable and powerful 20-inch propane grinder on the market. This 20″ propane has the perfect balance between the new frame geometry and grinding head weight. It delivers superior maneuverability and easy tool changes. INTELLIGENT FUEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that is highly responsive to changes in the engine load. Providing for optimum air-to-fuel ratio regardless of operating conditions. TRULY VARIABLE SPEED ENGINE! The machine can be run between 610 and 1090 rpm, so you will get more effective grinding and improved tooling life. THE HIGHEST POWER OUTPUT IN THE 603CC CLASS in the industry! EPA BLUE SKY ENGINE SERIES – our engines operate much cleaner than regulations require and emissions are at least 40% lower than the standard. DUST SUPPRESSION FINE MISTING SYSTEM – small water droplets effectively suppress and remove breathable fugitive particles from 0.1 to 1000 microns.

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