TENAX Petrolux

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TENAX Petrolux

Recommended for polished dark granites. Used to darken the surface and eliminate superficial micro-porosities and web-cracks. Also used to increase the color and the polish effect. Amount of change depends on the granite. Easy to apply and remove, recommended for automated waxing lines. The product has poor anti-stain protection.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 9 in

1 liter

1 review for TENAX Petrolux

  1. James

    This site had the best price for this product. I contacted gotblade and was instructed to clean and wait two days to dry the granite. I applied petrolux with a clean rag and immediately buffed it away. I didn’t reuse my rags but cut my rags in smaller rectangles.

    Petrolux is so much easier to buff off, non-greasy, and the feeling by touch feels much cleaner compared to my over the counter product which will be discarded.

    Lastly, I was advised by gotblade to apply petrolux and then apply my sealer. I am going to wait 40 hours before applying my sealer. I am basically sealing in high grade polish which is a wonderful idea.

    For those who feel it is about time to re-seal their countertops, try this method. And for those who are thinking about mix-matching ur polish and sealer brands, YMMV.

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