We offer various equipment for rent as well as most sizes of stone bits and concrete drill bits! Call for availability 208-381-0328

Blue Ripper Jr. Granite Slab Saw w/ Blade

Red Ripper 110V Stone Router

DP 13HP Slab Saw w/ Blade

EDCO BB-14G-6.5 Masonry Saw w/ Blade

SS Core Drill to 14″ w/ Bit under 6 1/4″

SS Core Drill Vac Base & Vac Pump

EDCO 7″ Edge Grinder

PEARL Tile Saw

IMER Mixer

ABACO Transport Cart

HELLCAT Dry Polishing Kit (grinder, pads, backer)

DPC 1/4″ Hand Held Profiler

HELLCAT 5″ Variable Speed Grinder

MAKITA 5″ Wet Polisher


HUSQVARNA Hand Held Core Drill

HUSQVARNA Floor Polisher

More Rentals:

Diamond Products Green Saw

Diamond Products 1218 Push Saw

Diamond Products 8″ Grinder

Diamond Products M1 Core Drill

Diamond Products DK 16 Hand Drill

Diteq TS252 Drill

Norton GC25EEUP Elec


Pearl Tile Saw Vx 10.2

Omega Blue Ripper Jr.

SM 1410

IQ 360

Husqvarna K970

Omega Router

Rock Biter

Diamond Handheld Drill

IMER 250/1500

Intertool Planetary Polisher

Dry Polisher 5″

Wet Polisher 5″

ABACO Transports

ICS Chainsaw

Seam Setter