Why You Should Always Choose Diamond Blades

Why You Should Always Choose Diamond Blades

Whether you’re doing a simple home renovation project or looking for the perfect addition to your construction equipment, a diamond blade is the perfect solution for you.

But, what makes these blades so ideal, and how can you justify the money that goes into them? This is what we hope to answer in this article for anyone and everyone currently on the fence when it comes to purchasing a diamond blade for themselves. Below are just a few of the reasons that diamond blades reign supreme in order to help you make the right choice just in time for those sweet holiday deals!

Diamond Blade precision

  • Diamond Blades cut More Precisely

There are many reasons why these blades cut more precisely, but one of the biggest reasons is because they vibrate significantly less than their other competitors. This is what makes for a smoother and quicker cut. It is perfect for all kinds of materials. 

Another reason these blades are so smooth is because of how manufacturers make them. Depending on the bond of the blade, they are specific to different types of materials and excel within these parameters. For instance, a soft or medium bond blade is best for cutting harder materials because more diamonds are exposed throughout the cutting process. The exact opposite can be said for hard bonds. 

Lastly, diamond blades cut more precisely through the use of the wet cutting process. Since most diamond blades require wet cutting, you can depend on the smooth and dust-free method in almost all diamond blade projects. 

There is a Diverse Range of Materials They can cut

  • There is a Diverse Range of Materials They can cut

Because there are multiple bonds, sizes, and types of diamond blades out there, these blades are capable of cutting almost any material imaginable. Whether you are looking to cut concrete for a construction zone or focus your efforts on a particular fall home improvement project, these blade saws are the most efficient option. 

In fact, diamond blades are capable of cutting stone, concrete, bricks, coal, glass,  asphalt, IT industry semiconductor materials, gemstones, and ceramics. They are even able to cut other diamonds for gemstone experts making them ideal for all kinds of projects, industries, and needs. Even the small diameter blades are capable of cutting glass, tile, stone, concrete, and all other construction materials imaginable. 

Expert Crafting Goes Into Each Blade

  • Expert Crafting Goes Into Each Blade

No matter what brand you choose, you likely will find that your new diamond blade is a breath of fresh air. Especially when it comes to quality and longevity. The secret to this is the crafting of the diamond blade.

Although every type of diamond blade is different, the most common blade is the sintered metal-bonded blade. These begin with a steel core and diamond segments. To make the segments, you use synthetic diamonds and soft metal powder. In fact, all diamond blades use synthetic diamonds. They do this since it is easier to ensure that they are all the same. It also ensures that they will respond to the materials in the same ways as others would. 

It is this attention to detail that keeps these blades uniform and flawless every time. This is also why they last so much longer and cut so much better. 

Diamond Blades Last Longer Than Their Alternatives

  • These Blades Last Longer Than Their Alternatives

Perhaps, the most important factor for why diamond blades are the best is due to their longevity. Unlike other blades on the market, high-quality diamond blades are able to last roughly 120 consecutive hours. This is why diamond blades are so cost-effective as well. They are providing their users with endless hours of use for less than their competitors.

With all of this said, it’s no wonder why countless industries and individuals have transitioned to diamond blades entirely. They have nearly double the lifespan, better quality, diversity, and precision. As such, these blades truly are the superior choice for any and all hands-on projects. 

If you are looking for a particular blade that best fits you or have more questions regarding diamond blades before making a decision, give us a call at Sawcutting Specialties today! We are sure to have your answers and so much more without fail!

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